On January 5th 2014 my long suffering girlfriend and I ditched everything to go backpacking around the world. I get around in a wheelchair, she doesn’t. We have enough cash to last us fifteen months travelling through South America, the USA, Japan, China, South East Asia and Australia.

We meet a lot of interesting people on the road. This blog is about those people and their reactions to us.


Before all this happened I was a BAFTA winning TV producer living in London. I have also appeared as a pundit on Channel 4 News, BBC Radio 5Live and have been published in Lonely Planet, BBC News Magazine and the Metro.

If you would like me to write for your newspaper or website whilst we’re trekking across the globe, get in touch via the Contact page. You can also follow our journey on Facebook and Twitter.

Please ask for permission before using any of the photographs on this site. Unless your website advocates child labour or something, I am more than likely to say yes. For a small fee, I will even send you hi res versions.

I aim to update this site once a week. With every new blog post you will discover exactly how close we are to working out whether backpacking around the world in a wheelchair is the best or stupidest thing we have ever done in our entire lives.

– James